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  • Friday ,27 July 2012

The Ghost of Mubarak

Monir Beshai

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Friday ,27 July 2012

The Ghost of Mubarak

People make and choose their rulers, thus, they deserve them. This applies whether such ruler was elected or came by force. Such people has given him the chance to rule them.

However, we know some mistakes of Mubarak, we found out many after he was overthrown. The only choice that Mubarak gave us other than his regime was Muslim Brotherhood with chaos, and this was ture. His men were the main reason behind all problems and corruption we have in Egypt, and of course he shares such responsibility as he couldn't manage.

Mubarak was not really fair with the Copts and they suffered a lot during his region more than all Egyptians. Many terroristic attacks have occurred without any fair trials, or even no trials at all. Police has cooperated with both thugs and Salafis to terrify Copts. Their churches couldn't be built, promotions and senior positions were banned, Copts couldn't reach the Parliament in the elections and very few of them were appointed.

Despite of all of this, Mubarak could convince the Copts that he is the best choice. Copts had to tolerate such persecution to avoid greater one under the ruling of Muslim Brotherhood. He has also tried to keep everything balanced to avoid the anger of the extremists.

Now, Mubarak has gone, but his ghost is still there. New ruler with a new look, but he treat the Copts same as the former one. He fear the strong people who are also extremists, and finds it easier to wrong the weak party, I mean the Copts.

Muhammed Morsy has become the President after he gave many promises for the Copts which we don't know if he is going to fulfill or not. They are trying to change the Constitution to establish a religious state. Copts should never accept to be wronged any more and under any condition.
Egyptians have to teach their rulers how to deal with them and what they want. And rememer the rule: people make their rulers, thus they deserve them. Moreover, Copts deserve to be treated with justice and equality after ages of injustice.