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  • Thursday ,26 July 2012

King of Hearts

Madonna Shaker

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Thursday ,26 July 2012

King of Hearts

 king of hearts was the title given to Sir Magdy Yacoub by Diana, Princess of Wales, for his miracles in heart transplantation, and for his researches and experiments over many years in order to develop heart transplantation and save millions of hearts in a very unique way.

His latest inventions with his team was using stem cells extracted from bones and transform it to become a tissue of the heart valves.
In 1992, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain gave Prof. Magdy Yacoub the title Sir (Knight) which is given to those who are known for being courageous and tender, and means a title of respect, reverence and honor in addition to their contributions in social development.
Prof. Magdy has performed more than 20.000 heart operation all over the world and conducted thousands of researches. Furthermore, he received the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in London in addition to various titles and honorary degrees from various universities all over the world such as America, Britain, Sweden, Pakistan and Italy.
At the age of 65, he decided to stop operating. However, in 2006, he decided to perform an operation to remove a heart he had implanted in a woman after her natural heart had healed after it was dead, which he had expected and it was considered another miracle of his. He traveled around the world dedicating his time and effort to operate on millions of patients healing them and offering this for free for the poor.
Moreover, he didn’t forget about his people in Egypt as he used to perform many operations annually. Furthermore, 3 years ago, he established a medical center for the heart in Upper Egypt in Aswan to serve his people and treat them for free. 
Suddenly, we hear that Salafis have decided to close this medical center as it uses valves derived from pigs in the operations of the heart! They forgot about everything and only think about pigs! Even their religion, Islam, allows them to eat pigs when necessary, but their minds and eyes are totally closed. They don’t know that pigs are the most useful animals that helps people in many medical issues.
Don’t they know that there was another medical center for Prof. Magdy yacoub in Saudi Arabia and no one called to close it ever!
I call those Salafis to fear God and rather try to judge themselves to improve it, and raise their children well. 
Finally, I salute Sir Magdy Yacoub, king of hearts who never thought about the religion of his patients before he saves them. I also salute everybody who makes something useful for his people and his country.