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  • Wednesday ,25 July 2012

The best of MB

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,25 July 2012

The best of MB

 July is a significant month in the Egyptian history since 1952 till today. During this month, Egypt has experienced many important events and incidents. Today, a member of Muslim Brotherhood, that had many disagreements with the revolution of July 23 through conspiracies and assassinations, governs Egypt. Few weeks ago, Morsy gave a speech in which he attacked Nasser and the revolution of the army however MB can't repeat any of its achievements.

In this speech, Morsy revealed his real intentions towards the revolution of July 23, which had changed the Egyptian history and personality. We should ask MB now: Do you belong to Egypt like Nasser, Sadat as well as the Military Council?
What have you done to Egypt rather than spreading your members in every single institution of Egypt? Egyptians are great people who have resisted greater armies and they can destroy you too after you have offered your best, I mean your Professor of metals, Mohamed Mohamed Morsy Issa Ayat. But Egypt has a lot better to offer in all fields.
We have to protect Egypt and build it by hard working and saving its glory and heritage. In other words, we have to work hard to double the production and rebuild our economy. To the Copts of Egypt, don't worry as the LORD says: “Blessed is Egypt My people”