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  • Tuesday ,24 July 2012

Religious trend and torture

Osama Osman

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Tuesday ,24 July 2012

Religious trend and torture

 I do not think there is a sane person who believes that any religion may permit its followers to torture animals or human being. However, Do Islamists believe the same? They should do as long as they claim they are religious and they have already suffered a lot from it by the former regime. The truth is they only refuse it when it is against them, but they are allowed to torture the others if they need to!

I have studied the famous book of the Biography of Prophet Muhammad, Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum, by Safi-ur-Rehman Mubarakpuri, who was awarded first prize by the Muslim World League, at the first Islamic Conference on Seerah. This book is very well known by all Islamic groups (including the Islamic group which I was one of its followers) and it has great influence on all Islamists as well.
Two stories were mentioned in this book which I believe they are not true. The first is mentioned in page 195 of Dar al-Wafaa edition and tells about Prophet Muhammad that he allowed his followers to torture two people in order to confess they are followers of Abu Sufyan and when they did (however they were not), they were released.
Second story was mentioned in page 323 during his talk about the battle of Khyber. Kenana Ibn al-Rabie had the money of Ibn Nadier. Kenana refused to tell the Prophet Muhammad about the place of the money, thus, the Prophet ordered that Kenana be tortured and then he was executed.
Another story that we used to hear in Islamic group and on Islamic televisions about a man who used to ask questions about Islam which they couldn't answer. Omar ordered that this man be tortured till he had completly forgoten about such questions. Unfortunately, they cite this story proudly which proves they are conscienceless. 
Consequently, we shouldn't be surprised upon watching a video of the young lawyer Osama Kamal who was tortured in Tahrir Square by some leaders of Muslim Brotherhood during the revolution as he was thought to be a state security officer. This is exactly what they have learnt in the book of Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum and by their sheiks.
I pray that God may save us from all kind of tyrants wether they are civil or religious, and that our country may progress.