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  • Monday ,23 July 2012

General Omar Soleiman R.I.P

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,23 July 2012

General Omar Soleiman R.I.P

 Last week I wrote Lament for the death of Fekry Abd Moutaleb a great researcher and writer we lost … Today I found myself having to Lament the Gereral Omar Soleiman who died on 19th of July in the States in suspicions circumstances, and it was said he was poisoned and his death is part a conspiracy.

In Egypt those days when uncertainty is the norm rumours spread like fire on hay it is enough to take a simple fact and attach to it few lies to create a rumour and this rumour by the time it reaches next road or neighbourhood it would had been amplified 100 times! 
Not wanting to be part of a rumour or say false accusations I said my point of view about the conspiracy theory; I said it clear I do not defend USA policies or political views, I was just stating facts I see and know moreover I did go to USA sires and wrote my opinion and attacked viciously both Obama and Clinton for saying we will support MB if elected! As for what was said about the USA marines were along the shores of Egypt ready to attack I say this is pure imaginary no logic or person in his right seances would buy that, let me remind you of the 1973 war with Israel ex-president Sadat said it clear I was fighting Israel but I'm not ready to fight USA! USA supported Israel to the point artillery  like tanks was brand new from the factory to Sinai but, and I stress but we did not see one single American Marine on Egyptian soil fighting Egyptian solders!! If USA was that duff or their leaders had that amount of freedom to take such decisions then this would had been another story; I war on Iraq took aggressive policies weeks before one single American Marine be on Iraq soil! The European community France and England leaders had to ask publicly USA to participate with NATO in the fight in Libya for HUMANITARIAN REASONS and even then Obama accepted to join forces under the NATO -Not American FLAG- and with the strict condition that no forces will physically  exist on the Libyan soil! 
In today’s world conspiracies like that need lot of preparations meetings decisions and to prepare the world to accept such a move the world need to accept the idea to see American Solders fighting somewhere or else it will be considered unjustified attack! But on the other hand yes spies, and undeclared forces can exist, and here comes the role of intelligence and intelligence forces, and the dark art of intelligent forces... almost 2-3 years ago a very bright MI6 agent specialized in code breaking was found dead in a hand bag no traces of fight or blood and DNA or what so ever, this does not suggest he could lock himself inside the bag and die from asphyxiation, moreover it was proven this was impossible, however investigations still on and no one yet knows who was behind it or at least public still in dark but certainly the Scotland yard knows a lot more that what they say they know, and not exposed for national security reasons! 
We Still remember Mr. Ashraf Marwan death, the Egyptian Cinderella Soad Hosny and many more and now we can add to those mysteries General Omar Soleiman death! This time not Scotland Yard but American metropolitan police should have a lot of facts with the local authorities of the hospital that the General was admitted for a check up! We all know it is a regular say going for a check up, Pope Shenouda III went several times for check ups in fact he was following a treatment some happened before when ex over throned president Mubarak was undertaking an operation it was said check up again in Germany! So the word CHECL UP could be generally classified as a fake statement  and where is the fact? Intelligence forces only know for now and lots of rumours!
Few weeks back I wrote an article opposing the idea that the General Omar Soleiman 
be president, I saw in him an extension of Mubarak, I do not know why is it because he was part of \Mubarak's regime but General Ahmed Shafik was as well and I did accept the idea of him as a president, but not Omar Soleiman (R.I.P) and for that I wish to stress difference of opinions does not mean disrespect or hater, At the early hours of 25th January revolution when people demanded execution from ex regime and on top of them Mubarak I said [People let us not forget that Hosny Mubarak orchestrated with Sadat, and Omar Soleiman and many more the war of 1973 he fault for Egypt he was Egyptian we owe him some respect!].
Same applies to General Omar Soleiman what ever atrocities he had done or participated in them were for a purpose not for Sadat or Mubarak but FOR EGYPT, the dark art of spies knows no mercy either winner or crucified no half ways allowed! 
The undercover world of intelligence their dark arts secrets and work remain part of our lives until we really start loving each other but this is not for tomorrow or next month the underground evil forces of war weapons factories the only beneficiary from any war any where in the word remain impacting and shaping the word according to their objectives, their main objective is to SELL WEAPONS and this can not be achieved if the world remains in peace!