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  • Thursday ,05 July 2012

Let's mourn for Egypt!

Samir Habashi

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Thursday ,05 July 2012

Let's mourn for Egypt!
When Mohammed Mursy was announced the president of Egypt, many honorable Egyptians couldn't believe it. They felt how unfair and evil it is and there is something trying to hide the truth. They felt Egypt has become like a woman that can't see but the bearded men even if they are very deceitful.
Young people of the revolution thought that by their blood, they have saved the country and got rid of the evil regime. Unfortunately, they didn't know that there is more evil waiting for them. They didn't expect the governors of Egypt to be ready to trade Egypt for anything in order to save themselves.
SCAF doesn't care if it has to lock all its opponents into prisons. SCAF members have known that Muslim Brotherhood are ready to make a deal with the devil himself as long as they will seize on the power. 
Muslim Brotherhood believing that the war is based on deception, they cheated to win the presidential elections, and accepted to be supported by Saudi Arabia and to receive money from Qatar.
In the past, they offered themselves as servants for king Farouk calling him Caliph of Muslims and advised him of letting his beard grow, then they overthrow him with the help of the military. They did the same with Sadat and killed him later. Same happened with Mubarak and Tantawy. MB has made deals with everyone and deceived everyone.
I've written an article entitled: “Devils and America, Military and MB” in which I expected all of this. I read a comment of  Dr. Emad Gad, Deputy Director, Center for Political Studies, Al-Ahram, who said that USA is putting extra pressures on SCAF to hand power to MB, and they want MB to be in power for they control the Egyptian public opinion (according to Al Watan newspaper).
Mohammed Mursy was announced the Egyptian president on the condition that SCAF should keep the key ministries in return.
American administration doesn't want freedom or democracy for the Arabs or for Egypt as this will affect their interests badly. The best way they could find to prevent such democracy from taking place is by applying the Islamic law. American administration knows very well that it's so easy to bribe the Islamic leaders weather with money or sex.
For 50 years, Egyptians have been digging for their freedom, which has costed them a lot of money and souls hoping to get rid of the military rule. Unfortunately, I declare now the failure of the revolution of January 25. Let's mourn for the history and civilization of Egypt, which used to be living in our hearts and souls. What will MB do to Egypt? What will they do to the Egyptian legitimate children, meaning the Copts? 
MB has penetrated all institutions of Egypt. Moreover, 60% of Muslims support MB and this number is going to increase as they are in power. All Muslims sympathize with MB and disdain other religions even within their subconscious. For the Copts, I think this is just time to resort to God to help us., and say: Don't worry, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands.