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  • Monday ,02 July 2012

What Is Going On?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,02 July 2012

What Is Going On?

 For the past week and since early hours of last elections ended at 10pm Sunday 17, then 6 hours later at 4am Dr. Morsy declared he had WON and Egypt never slept since then!

People celebrating the new civilian 1st ever elected president, others objecting, and as usual Egypt subdivided on it self between supporter, opposition, indifferent, and admirers you name it.
Rumours and allegations found a fertile land in this climate every one analyses judges and suggests future steps, lot of turmoil in the ground, Military Council as usual protects itself against an-expected win of Morsy and reduces his capabilities, adds to it's constitutional amendment of March 2011 other laws, any constitutional amendment becomes the basis of a law regardless of people views as long as it was not voted for it has the power of a future law accordingly, and another reason for more subdivision in the Egyptian street, people see it normal in the absence of parliament that was dismissed by a court decision and the dismissed parliament rejects this dismissal and calls for rejecting court decisions forgetting that court should be away from politics by law!
I'm really lost within all this, my 1st concern was to identify who the future president would be regardless of my political views … I can not hide my disappointment now that this is old news; but I have to keep going if not for myself at least for the people I love, for the people I know, for the remainder of my family that still lives in Egypt, for my country and for those who will live in it in the near or far future. 
A lot of theories was said on the final results, true or false I am in not position to say this theory is true or reject another theory I'm just like the rest of us in complete loss!
However let us explore the 2 most popular theories and discuss them may be we can reach a logical solution and discover where the truth is in all that!
First theory assumes Dr Mohamed Morsy won the elections and Military Council  under the pretext of examining the legal aspects of the objections both candidates filed took its time to put pressure on Dr. Morsy to secure their existence and honorable retreat from the political view of Egypt retaining all powers of executives! They had the right to impose a new add on to the constitutional amendment taking in consideration the parliament was dissolved by the hi constitutional court, and in the absence of both parliament and president, they needed to put a road map to democracy!
Second theory which I tend to believe and I seriously hope to be wrong is as follows:-
Dr. Morsy had wrong numbers and tried to fake votes it was proven that 
Edited forms that votes for a candidate, the comity of judges admitted founding only 2500 forms! In fact a roll of paper can print as much as a Million forms so this 2500 forms does not hold for true but it supports allegations that forms were edited!
Some voters were prevented by force from voting and the comity of judges admitted that in some constituencies voting was null or next to null and investigated the matter and were told it is a normal phenomenon, as they are for women which are mostly Muslims, and did not get any collaboration from the local authorities to prove or negate this fact; in fact I did see clips of people complaining sound and picture but could not identify for sure the date of this recording!
Many more wrong doings like wrong summations, wrong number of voters and all 
this proves one candidate was trying to fake results!
Presidential comity of judges were 45 minutes late than the announced time
The speaker could not properly read the memo that is supposed written by them giving the impression they were given that memo last moment and was the main reason for that delay of 45 minutes!
This suggests results results were altered in favor of Dr. Morsy and obviously we have to wonder WHY?
Here comes the rest of the second theory assuming General Ahmed Shafik won the elections, but due to some internal power [MB] threatening to revolt on any result other than Dr. Morsy winner, taking in consideration that those supporters took it for  granted what Dr. Morsy said at 4am Monday 18th and went for celebrations then remained there bringing guns and organizing targets to be attacked, it was not planned to be just a revolution of people having demands like that of January 25th, not even a fight between supporters that police or \army or even both could stop but a complete country demolition attacking people, power stations, communications, radio and TV stations, houses, police stations, and army all that supported by trained fighters from Hams and Kaeda infiltrated with guns and heavy arms some of it was seized few hours earlier in Tahrir Square, and a full container in Port Said! So the honorable Knight General Ahmed Shafik gave up his rightfully earned presidential sit to Dr. Morsy just to save Egypt from such a catastrophe!
I tend and hope this are the 2 possible scenarios of how Dr Morsy become the 1st elected non military president because further analysis is a nightmare for me and means we lost Egypt or about to loose it, this needs to go back to events took place in news talk shows and political commentators who see Egypt like the rest of the world as a country with lots of political small powers facing a huge well organized party that has political face, military face, and international existence the Muslim Brotherhood, as they do not know the real tissue of Egyptians who stood one man behind Saad Zagloul in 1919, and faced  like one man 3 major attackers in 1956, yet fought and faced Israeli bombs targeting EGYPTIAN SOLDERS in 1973 and their blood shed in Sinai was not Christian blood and Muslim blood but just EGYPTIAN BLOOD!
This is a big  subject and needs a separate post as my country is in DANGER … God Bless Egypt and please God Protect it!