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  • Wednesday ,27 June 2012

Egypt to see first female, Coptic vice-presidents: Morsi team


Copts and Poliltical Islam


Wednesday ,27 June 2012

Egypt to see first female, Coptic vice-presidents: Morsi team

 Ahmed Deif, a policy advisor to Egypt’s president-elect Mohamed Morsi, stressed that Morsi will be a leader for all Egyptians and will appoint Coptic Christian and female vice-presidents.

"President-elect Morsi is not only backed by people with an Islamic tendency or ideology; he is now backed by all the people of the revolution, and this is definitely a dramatic positive card that he can play while negotiating with the SCAF," Deif told CNN.
"One of the first decisions will be appointing different vice-presidents. One of them will be a woman, for the first time in Egyptian history - not just modern history, but all Egyptian history, for a woman to take that position.
"Also, he has decided to appoint a Christian vice-president, and they will not just be a vice-president who will represent a certain gender or sect, but a vice-president who is powerful and empowered and will deal with critical files within the presidential cabinet."
In his last news conference before the presidential runoff vote, Morsi took the opportunity to reiterate his promises to Egypt's political forces, and said the country would not be run by an autocratic president.
He stressed that the presidency would work together with young revolutionaries, former presidential candidates, Copts, Salafists and all the sectors of the Egyptian people.
Morsi, who was declared president-elect on Sunday after narrowly beating his rival Ahmed Shafiq, also said women will play a major role in society.