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  • Tuesday ,26 June 2012

Congratulations on stability

Ashraf Abdel-Kader

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Tuesday ,26 June 2012

Congratulations on stability

 The final results of presidential elections will be declared in few hours. A winner and a loser, and the game is over. The final results indicate the victory of Shafik, the candidate of the civil state. 

I think this means that Egyptians are lucky as they knew that the main goal now should be security and stability represented by Shaifk.
I hope Egyptians will avoid celebrating this victory in Tahrir Square to avoid friction with the Islamists who want to start a civil war, God forbids.
It's a victory of Egyptian choice to remove the candidate of the biggest destruction agency in Egypt and all over the world. Furthermore, I salute Egypt for its choice and congratulate it for its new president who will do his best to restore security, stability, tourism and investments. Moreover, I congratulate those who worry about their lives and future.
O great Egypt, don't forget that you're the leader among the Arabic countries, if you save yourself from the chaos like Somalia, all Arabic countries will be saved from the chaos of the Islamists like the one in Iran, the Sudan and Afghanistan.
I congratulate Egypt for its new president, and it will remain for all Egyptians, Muslims and Copts. Congratulations on the state of Law, and long live Egypt free of the authority of the Islamists.