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  • Tuesday ,26 June 2012

The fate of Mursy

Girgis Bushra

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Tuesday ,26 June 2012

The fate of Mursy

 Muslim Brotherhood was established basically for the Islamic Dawa, but it has lost its goal after it had mixed politics with religion to seize power. It has also established a political party, which is against MB principles, and defends the blood of the martyrs while their hands are stained with the blood of many Egyptians.

The establishment of freedom and justice party, though it's against the law and the Constitution for it's a religious party, was a major turning point in the politics of the group.
It's crystal clear that MB and currents of political Islam are trading on religion to gain power and then suppress their opponents relentlessly. 
With all the due respect for Mohammed Mursy, he doesn't represent all the Egyptian people, and history shows that religious states tend to trade on religion and kills its opponents. Furthermore, Islam never knows the religious states, and those are just tools to destroy the Arabic and Islamic countries.
I know that President Mohammed Mursy will face a serious challenges related to the identity of Egypt and its history, religion, culture, and civilization. He will pass through many exams that will reveal his real intentions about the identity of Egypt, the civil state, the rights of woman, and the religious minorities as well.
Can Mursy appoint a Christian vice-president? Can he declare the freedom of religion and allow the Baha'is and Shiites to practice their religion freely? Can Mohamed Morsi grant free conversion from Islam to Christianity, or vice versa? Can he allow Christians to build churches or pray freely? How about the equality between citizens and the women rights?
I'm afraid that Mursy will divide Egypt. He addressed his family in his speech, and we don't know if they are his close friends, MB, or all Egyptians!
I'm also afraid that MB will invade all Egyptian institutions like judiciary, police, education and media.
Will Mursy do the constitutional oath before the Supreme Constitutional Court? Will his supporters continue their sit-in in Tahir Square against the complimentary constitutional declaration? Will this make him lose his legitimacy and hasten his departure?
All these questions and demands will affect the new president, and Egyptian people will not waiver their demands. Maybe we will have another revolution where Mursy will face the same fate of the ousted president!