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  • Monday ,25 June 2012

Democracy of MB

Gergis Wahib

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Monday ,25 June 2012

Democracy of MB
MB history since its very beginning or the beginning of the revolution of January 25 does not bode at all that they will bring something good for Egypt.
MB has called the revolutionists drug addicted and adulterers. Moreover, it charged the judges of corruption and called Christians infidels. Furthermore, it charged ministry of interiors of corruption and issued an advisory opinion that tourism as well as banking is haram or prohibited by Islam. 
Muslim Brotherhood has cooperated with Hamas to attack Egyptian police stations and prisons, and killed hundreds of people in Tahrir. Moreover, they tried to terrorize the Copts to prevent them from voting in the presidential elections.
Muslim Brotherhood members have also attacked former MP Dr. Ehab Ramzy yesterday in Tahrir Square as he had declared his opinion about them openly in the media. I myself was attacked by them while I was working during the previous elections as I revealed their violations in the elections.
Furthermore, Muslim Brotherhood has encouraged young people to attack the Ministry of Defence which would have been a serious danger to the security of Egypt, not caring about Egypt, but rather their own interests.
MB has announced that their candidate is the winner in the presidential elections even before the committee has finished counting all governorates, and threatened that they would burn Egypt if their candidate doesn’t win.
MB leaders have announced in the media that if shafik wins, then the election is rigged. I really wonder that some people who claim they support the civil state are supporting MB, and there are people who still believe MB will bring good for Egypt.
Muslim Brotherhood is a political faction based on exclusion, mistrust, intimidation, atonement and bribes, which can never bring good.
To those who don’t believe me I say: Look at what they have done since the beginning of the revolution, and they have been waiting in Tahrir Square to burn Egypt if their candidate doesn’t win (no matter how many votes has he got). This is the democracy of Muslim Brotherhood.