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  • Monday ,11 June 2012

Elections of bitterness

Adel Naguib Rizk

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Monday ,11 June 2012

Elections of bitterness

 After the first round of the Egyptian presidential elections, it was weird that Esam al-Erian, a Muslim Brotherhood leader and vice chairman of Freedom And Justice party, announced that Copts had elected Ahmed Shafik based on sectarian voting. The man doesn't consider Shafik a Muslim as a Coptic sectarian voting should be for a Copt! It seems he was hoping that Copts will vote for MB candidate! MB who has never been honest or reliable since the revolution of January 25. Moreover, its members have issued a lot of controversial announcements that made Copts angry and afraid of both MB and Salafis. 

So, Copts have voted for Shafik, Moussa and the revolutionist Hamdeen Sabahi. Moreover, few of them have voted for Abul Fotouh thinking he is no longer belongs to MB which is absolutely not true.
Copts still remember the referendum battle in which Islamists convinced the people that No is against God and Islam, and he who says no is an infidel and sinner!
In fact, many people other than the Copts have voted for Shafik, Sabahi and Amr Moussa. If Copts have 8 million votes, and 50% of them have participated in the elections, then Copts have no more than 5 million votes distributed on four candidates. How did Shafik get more than 5 million votes then?
It's worth mentioning that Mit Nagy village in Dakahlia which has not even one Copt has given Shafik 1313 votes while Mursy has got 124 votes. Another example, Dandiet village, Mit Ghamr, Dakahlia that has also no Copts has given Shafik 2037 votes and Mursy 146 votes.
Elections showed us that Egyptians have voted for the Islamists before when they had mixed religion with politics and the electoral bribes as well, but they hate them now after what they did.
I wonder if Shafik wins, will they claim that Cots are behind the 14 millions who will vote for Sahfik in the runoff?
I want to tell MB and Salafis: you have to consider the Egyptians and think about them as they are so unique. They belong to their country as well as their religion. Pharaohs do their best for their country when they have to do it. They really appreciate life.
Finally, I think their announcements are like fire that can burn the whole country. A lot of people and political currents now refuse them; I hope MB and Islamists understand the lesson.