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  • Friday ,08 June 2012

Do people really want the revival project?

Milad Mounir

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Friday ,08 June 2012

Do people really want the revival project?

 Muslim Brotherhood enjoyed a better situation than the other political forces during the Egyptian revolution, however they didn't participate in the revolution since its beginning. 

MB has occupied a distinguished place among the revolutionary forces for several reasons: 
1- Mubarak has persecuted them. 
2- Because of their international organization for more than 80 years. 
3- People sympathize with them because they represent religion in addition to their charity works
4- Their long experience with politics.
5- The fear of the religious state, which indeed threatens Israel.
We didn't see MB as an entity participating in the revolution till Friday,   January 28, when police stations and state security buildings were burned at the same time. They brought logistical supplies to Tahrir square. Some people say they have participated in camel battle in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (no proof yet). This battle that came after a very emotional speech of Mubarak, which raises questions whether or not, he did it! 
Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated sensitive judicial and intelligence positions in the Egyptian army. Thus, it’s seemly that they are responsible for killing the demonstrators in Tahrir Square.
Here, I’d like to remind you of Al Jazeera TV, which played an important role in inciting people in the revolution.
MB has played on the religious state since February 4, 2011. They forgot about both the revolution and Egypt, and started thinking about their own interests.
They started their own demonstrations with their religious slogans all over Egypt, which could be considered as a soil test for Egypt to know whether it's ready to establish the religious state or not.
MB leaders announced on February 4 their “own point of view” about constitutional amendments. They promised then not to nominate any one for the presidency and target only the third of the Parliament seats. A start that reflects a lot of uncertainty and dishonesty.