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  • Thursday ,07 June 2012

Mubarak put on artificial respiration five times since Tuesday: Official source


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Thursday ,07 June 2012

Mubarak put on artificial respiration five times since Tuesday: Official source

Ousted president Mubarak has been given artificial respiration five times in the last few hours and he remains in a ‘critical’ condition following his incarceration in Tora prison on 2 June, an official source told Ahram Online.

Egypt's former leader may be transferred to a military or private hospital for further treatment due to his deterioration. Mubarak’s wife, former first lady Suzanne, has also requested that he be moved from the Tora Prison Hospital where he has been detained since he was given a life sentence last week.
The Tora Prison Hospital administration has reportedly brought in a team of cardiologists who examined the ousted president and diagnosed him as suffering from a nervous breakdown, depression, high blood pressure and problem breathing.
Egyptian state radio reported on Wednesday morning that Mubarak’s younger son Gamal, who is also being detained in the prison, joined his father in the hospital upon the recommendation of his doctor that he needs the company of loved ones. It is expected that his older son Alaa will also join his father within the next few days.
Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison on 2 June and immediately transferred to the Tora Prison to begin serving his sentence. He was previously being held in the International Medical Center in Cairo but was moved to the Tora Prison Hospital immediately after the verdict was read.
After three hours of refusing to disembark from his helicopter, ousted president Hosni Mubarak, finally gave in to his new reality and entered the Tora Prison hospital.
Following the announcement of the verdict, the ousted president – still wearing his trademark sunglasses – was wheeled out of the courtroom. At around 11:40am, the helicopter landed at Tora Prison following the conclusion of a trial – dubbed Egypt's 'trial of the century' – that began back in August.
"He was crying and wouldn't get out of the helicopter. Security officials spent some time convincing him to get out. He's now convinced and will be entering the prison shortly," AFP quoted a security official as saying.
At nearly 2pm, state television reported that Mubarak had suffered a "critical health situation" onboard the helicopter and was receiving treatment.
Since then, Mubarak’s health has been the subject of much talk for the past few days by both local and international media. Local news agency MENA reported that he suffered a "severe deterioration" on Tuesday after he was visited by his wife and two daughter in laws.
The agency said "the severe deterioration in the former president's condition" prompted prison staff to bring in an Interior Ministry medical team.