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  • Monday ,04 June 2012

Another YES for Shafik

Michel Fahmy

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Monday ,04 June 2012

Another YES for Shafik

 Today, many thoughts are hitting Egypt like huge waves; most of it is destructive while few are of use. It is like a hurricane that hits all over Egypt, and affects the Egyptian personality in a very bad way, and affected ethics, religions, security, politics, media, society, economy… etc.

Now, we are in a bad need for an Egyptian savior who belongs to Egypt more than anything; a person who will do his best to strengthen belonging to Egypt, and fight the contradictory feelings.
Thus, we need air marshal Ahemd Shafik, the savior and deterrent to the chaos we suffer from nowadays which is planned and aims at destroying Egypt and its identity. This is what we got after the revolution of January 25! 
Egypt now has two options to choose from: First, to apply the plans of Arab spring administration, with the funds of foreign countries that have become known for the ordinary people and the police as well, for groups that refuse to declare its massive finances that were already revealed in its massive spending. These groups are Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis, gihadists …etc. 
All of them use political Islam to achieve their goals. They choose Mohammed Mohammed Mursy Eisa to replace Khairat al-Shater to be the president of Egypt while he has no experience to work as a mayor of a small village in Egypt. He says he has no religious reference, while his experiences are: membership of the General Guide office of MB, and a friendship with Khairat al-Shater!
The second option is voting for Egypt and its air marshal Dr. Ahemd Mohammed Shafik Zaki, who earned a PHD in national strategies of outer space (some people may pretend now that Mursy works as a preacher in NASA!)  Shafik was named as a competitor of Mubarak in 2010 by Wall Street Journal. He has served since 1961 in the air forces of the Egyptian military and was its commander while the leaders of MB were busy receiving money from Saudi Arabia and the poor of Egypt. Shafik also was the minister of aviation. In his electoral campaign, he announced his reference is Al Azhar. He has never thought about confederating with Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Iran. But he has been working hard and ready to sacrifice his life at any time for Egypt and its people. 
For these reasons and more, I will reelect Ahemd Shafik again for Egypt and its military. If political Islam currents claim that Copts have voted for Shafik on a sectarian basis and consider it an accusation, I think this accusation is such an honor and I’d like to be the first to be accused. Look at their Imams, who explain democracy during their sermons in mosques; they say that Muslims have to vote for Mursy, and Muslims have no choice left!