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  • Monday ,07 May 2012

Morsy: Army-backed Cabinet impeding reform

By-Almasry Alyoum

Copts and Poliltical Islam


Monday ,07 May 2012

Morsy: Army-backed Cabinet impeding reform

The Muslim Brotherhood did not abandon its principles when it reversed its previous ban on fielding a presidential candidate, but rather the circumstances are what changed, said Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsy on his Facebook page.

In the post written on Sunday, Morsy accused Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri’s Cabinet of impeding the revolution’s progress, failing to implement the demands of the elected Parliament and failing to solve the nation’s problems.
The candidate, who is the head of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, said the group would have preferred not to run a candidate. The Brotherhood had urged three honest Egyptians — and not member of the group — to run for president, but they had all refused due to personal circumstances, he said.
Morsy said he did not want Egyptian citizens to feel divided as Muslims, Copts and so on, because all Egyptians are equal. He went on to say the Brotherhood is proud to be an Islamist organization that respects the rights of all citizens.
He said all Egyptians are equal before the law and the constitution, and that the elected Parliament is responsible for creating laws. He said there should be no fears that the political system in Egypt will be transformed into one like Iran’s, where clerics control the state.
He added that Egypt is a democratic, constitutional and modern state and that there is no credibility behind claims that the Brotherhood supreme guide will rule the country. He described such claims as “ridiculous,” as the people, and not the Brotherhood or its supreme guide will choose the president. Therefore, the president’s loyalty will be to the people and no one else, Morsy said.