• 10:30
  • Friday ,20 April 2012

"Life" participates in next Friday’s demonstration

By-Emad Tomas

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Friday ,20 April 2012

Eng. Michael Mounir, President of Life Party and all members and leaders of the party all over Egypt has supported the demands of different Egyptian forces which participate in the demonstration of next Friday, April 20, including the amendment of Article (28) of the Constitutional Declaration, which protects the decisions of the Supreme Committee for the presidential elections against any appeal.

The party, said in a statement, that the articles (28) and (60) of the Constitutional Declaration was not included in the referendum, and they are the cause of confusion in which we live now during the transitional phase.
The statement added: "After 15 months had passed on the Egyptian revolution, we made sure that revolution is the only way to obtain our rights. No one will give us our rights, but we should fight for them.