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  • Thursday ,19 April 2012

An economist: Ministry of Zakat will devide Egypt

By-Mervat Ayad

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Thursday ,19 April 2012

An economist: Ministry of Zakat will devide Egypt

Dr. Salah Goda, an economist and director of Economic Studies Center said that the platform of Freedom and Justice Party is concentrating on social justice as well as raising the individuals’ income, and free the economic with an Islamic reference. Goda said this is impractical and the project of Eng. Khairat al-Shater cannot be applied on the ground. 

He added in an interview on Dream satellite channel that the platform of the party includes creating jobs for 3 million workers per year which requires around 25 billion dollars, while Egypt has been trying in vain for one year to get a loan from the International Monetary Fund. 
About the Ministry of Zakat that Muslim Brotherhood seeks to create, Goda said that the establishment of this ministry will lead to the division of Egypt because it will require the Christian citizens to pay tribute (money) to defend them and prevent them from joining the army.