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  • Tuesday ,10 April 2012

Where are we heading... is the revolution of January 25th OVER?

J.M Fahmy

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Tuesday ,10 April 2012

Where are we heading... is the revolution of January 25th OVER?

Egypt revolution for freedom dignity food and pride is in a every bad corner..

I'll start this article with my status I posted on Facebook recently...
"Circus replace dictator of Egypt"
After the former dictator fell in Egypt, the situation down there very difficult to understand and get an overview. It looks like a circus with one surprise after another. Who controls the circus and who is behind the scenes is not easy to guess. Islamists, the military, Saudi and the rich Arabs or perhaps America? ...... I ask only ...
Peoples assembly or let us say the Muslim Brotherhood assembly trying by all means to maximise its benefits, wants to monopolise the new constitution creation so that the majority MB can impose their views they by all means ignoring governing present constitution that they lead its support in the so called [Invasion of Boxes] or in Arabic [غزوة الصناديق ] they never expected that this constitution will prevent their major supported candidate who turned to have dual nationality!
And by the way this proves how much those people the MB care or worry about Egypt, they do have other agendas that they trying by all means to achieve!!
MB realized finally the bad situation of their favourite candidate for presidential elections and it was a matter of time before officially be out of the race and in a quick reorganization of the winning cards on their hands decided to push another candidate ignoring once again the current ruling laws or may be this assembly is in total darkness of the laws that they want to abolish to impose the Sharia laws ...
What a big mistake of the ignorance which elected ignorant people to represent them! Is there a way out??
MB in its continuous change of views shamelessly forgot their announcement when they took the majority of the assembly [We will not present a candidate for presidential election from our party but will support the candidate with Islamic referrals] their favourite candidate was officially out so time to step in with their own candidate El- Shater!
The guy public world wide opinions classified more dangerous than Osama Bin Ladin being nominated as King of Saudi Arabia!!
But thanks God and Pope's Shenouda Blessings once again they ignored a simple fact that ex-prisoners need to clear their names prior to gaining back their political rights!! And there is a complete procedure MB and the ignorant Islamic guys who do not even properly know their own religion did not know about it or thought that being majority in the parliament gives them right not included in the constitution!
If the poor Egyptians in their ignorance chose ignorants to lead the country, how is it expected for Egypt to get up once more on it's feet?
This ignorance that surrounds as from everywhere inspired the military council -MC- for it's best shut; They helped the MB out of prison, fake elections and majority in the peoples assembly...they knew they will try to maximize their profits while this was possible and left the door open for 11 or 12 candidates for presidency at least 3 of them not entitled for it! Moreover, left the people in total darkness and confusion letting them believe Egypt is about to become the new Iran! Lies and rumours spread to make people more and more confused!
They attacked US workers for the National Human Rights workers and charged them with a big list of charges ignoring some workers were of high profile [or knowing US would never let go it's citizens hight or low profile]...
More confusion Hams leadership with is another MB face infiltrates in Egypt, and people stand really lost!
Last presidential election 2006 after some constitutional corrections added the possibility for more than a candidate to be there from presidential elections which as usual gave majority to Mubarak had only 4 candidates + Mubarak this time we do have 12 and it is well expected that the new president will be under the complete control of MC!!
People with dignity and do not want to be Marionettes of MC or MB steped away like Baradei -who has as well double nationality!-
In the middle of all that and in-spite of his 80 years old age lots of people rejecting any Islamic or MB president thought the only way out of this big hole Egypt found itself in it due to Ignorants Egyptians who in their ignorance pulled it inside that hole; lots of Egyptians saw M. Omar Soliman -80 years Old- is the only alternative out if this ISLAMISATION of Egypt, forgetting that Mr. Soliman was at the head of the secret intelligence agency of Egypt for years, and was just like Mr. Tantawy one of the many arms of Mubarak otherwise stating an IMAGE OF the rejected Ex president Mubarak!! More pressingly Mr. Omar Soliman is the extention of Hosny Mubarak!
Is this what the MC planned since the beginning to kill the January 25th 2011 revolution?
Days and time will tell!