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  • Wednesday ,04 April 2012

State of MB General Guide

Magdi George

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Wednesday ,04 April 2012

State of MB General Guide

 A lot of people use the term “State of MB General Guide” in their writings and conversations, either to make jokes about the religious state that Islamists dream of, or to warn people about that state. Others use this expression to indicate the principle of blind obedience, which every member of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is adhered to.

Now is the time to tell everyone that state of MB General Guide is at hand. Yes, this group was so lucky in the time of Mubarak’s regime and today by having the Supreme Counsel of Armed Forces in power. In addition to being spread in the Egyptian streets for four decades; It has never been prohibited under the last regime. On the contrary, It was the only group that could work freely while all other parties and political powers were very limited.
After it had taken control of the Egyptian streets, it took over the first authority which is the parliament, and struggling to take over the second authority which is the government, and last but not least the nomination of Eng. Khairat al-Shater for the presidency to take over the third authority.
In fact, I was not surprised after MB announced that al-Shater will be nominated by the group for the presidency. I’ve been always thinking that MB are after a religious state while some people thought they have forgotten about this goal and accepted a civil modern state.
Revolution of January 25 was a golden opportunity for them to implement their agenda, so they jump on the revolution. Here, in addition to MB, I must blame the young people of the revolution and all powers of the society. 
I don’t blame MB for previously declaring that they are only participating in the elections and not aiming at being the majority, and then took about 75% of the seats at the parliament with Salafis. I don’t blame them either for seizing control of most committees of the Parliament after they had promised other parties that they will be presented in all committees.
I don’t blame them also for choosing themselves in the drafting committee of the constitution in spite of saying many times that the constitution is never written by a Parliamentary majority. 
I don’t blame them for all these situations and decisions however they should be blamed for it. 
I rather blame them for seizing upon religion to achieve their goals. 
I also blame them for forming a party based on religion which is prohibited by law and constitution.
I blame them for taking all their important decisions by MB Shoura Council and not by leaders or the secretariats of FJP. 
They should be blamed that their candidate was declared after the meeting of MB Shoura Council and not FJP. Moreover, they should be blamed for holding the press conference to announce their candidate in the headquarters of the group and not at the party.
Furthermore; we blame MB that the General Guide Mhammed Badie is the one who announced the nomination of Khairat al-Shater for the Presidency elections and not al-Shater himself, which means it’s only the decision of the MB and Khairat can do nothing but obeying according to MB principle of blind obedience. This showed us that such president will not be a leader, but a leaded person by others (MB General Guide)!
I have written an article entitled “the Egyptian version of Guardian Council” where I said that MB and Salafis have formed a council very similar to that Iranian Guardian Council which is responsible for making sure that the presidential candidates are committed to their programs and the application of Islamic law. It’s clear that MB is doubtful as usual. They don’t trust any of the candidates to achieve their program aiming at establishing a religious state. Thus, they nominated a man whom they can trust to offer blind obedience to establish another Iranian state, on one condition: offering the blind obedience to the headquarters in Moqattam and the General Guide of MB.