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  • Sunday ,01 April 2012

Proudly I am A Copt! Part III

J.M Fahmy

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Sunday ,01 April 2012

Proudly I am A Copt! Part III

 Resuming my weekly articles about Copts = Egyptians 

As we are in the process of building our new constitution and as a fact I say:

I like to point out a simple fact that is Egyptians are not just Christians or Muslims there are :
Christians – Orthodox 
Christians – Catholics 
Christians – Protestants or Evangelic and many more 
Muslims – Souna 
Muslims –Shia 
Muslims – and many more 
Muslims Bahai that Muslims in general do not acknowledge as Muslims 
Atheists and who used to be classified as communists in the Nasser era 
Any other one who is Egyptian but not any of the above categories or classes and can not be counted within them. 
Within all off the above 10 categories or classes or portions of the Egyptian society you will find the following:-
• Highly educated and sophisticated men, women, farmers, workers but this is an ABSOLUTE minority! 
• Well educated people 
• Ignorant and this is sadly ABSOLUTE majority! 
• Farmers 
• Workers 
And within all these you have half of them theoretically WOMEN! 
In fact this subdivision is not pure Egyptian, it is worldwide in different proportions, in India side by side with the Hindu religion you will find Christians, Muslims and so on, in Saudi Arabia you will find Christians, in Israel you will find Muslims, in Russia upon their golden era in the 70’-90’s there were Christians and Muslims not just atheists! 
In today’s world with fast transportations within hours you are from one end to the other so by no means you can classify a country by its religion believes or practices, countries which ignored the simple rights of all it’s citizens collapsed like the Russian Empire, religion ruling a country had ended the dark age of Europe with so many wrong doing by the so called Church leaders.
I see them brought back to life now in Egypt under different religion but with same old mentalities they believe a Country has RELIGION, and when time comes God will call Countries to hell and others to heaven not individuals!Pitchers that want slavery back, want to have female slaves to have sex with them without being classified sinners, but smart enough not to call for male slaves so that their wives would not have sex with them; they want to ban the right of women to ask for a divorce, or the right she earned after decades of legal fights to keep her house and safely raise her children in case of a divorce more over they want her to get married as young as 12 years old, having sex with a child 12 years old in other countries is called Paedophiles which is banned by law and jailed for committing this crime butchering the innocence and purity of a child! The worst those pritchers they can not see or solve the problem of the so called children of the streets because they are busy looking how to have sex with child and increase those street children!
Building a constitution by marginalizing sections of the society whatever its existence ratio is will lead sooner or later to a big fall and collapse of the whole country like the Russian Empire which closed its eyes on the religions! To my understanding a country belongs to it’s citizens not it’s parliament or president or any other entity, they are there to serve the citizens all equally the RULER of a country must stand at equal distances between it’s citizens respect them all and preserve their rights. In a war the army that defends the country is from it’s citizens not the Christians ones or Muslims, when a problem hits the country all it’s citizens suffer from it but portions and others are above problems or under…A constitution that does not preserves the right of all citizens regardless of their colour, or religion or what so ever other reason will collapse like the current one that collapsed because it stated that the official religion of the country is Islam, people thought dropping this article means he stop being a Muslim, and this has nothing to do with his religion, like I’m still and remain and die as Christian under this very same article it did not change my believes and it will never change the believes of any individual existed or gone so please for once have the interest of this country we all love above all other objectives make it right so that our grand children bless our souls when they remember those crucial days we are all living them and God Bless Egypt!!