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  • Friday ,30 March 2012

Religion of Wahhabism

Jamal Mahmoud al-Hashemi

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Friday ,30 March 2012

Religion of Wahhabism

 It was written in "History of the Wahhabis" by the Ottoman naval commander Ayoub Sabri: Saud bin Abdul Aziz sent his conditions to the people of Medina upon surrounding their city in the early eighteenth century, saying: 

Article I: worshipping God should be according to the provisions and beliefs of the Wahhabi religion. 
Article IV: Wahhabi religion and its provisions should be embraced instead of the religion of your forefathers which should be abandoned. 
Article VI: He who keeps his fathers’ religion and refuses to convert to Wahhabi religion, we will treat him so badly, and show him discontent, resentment and oppression. We shall abuse him. 
Article VII: scientists who refuse to convert to Wahhabi religion should be killed or tell the princes of the Wahhabis about their places that they may deal with them. 
This book shows us that Wahhabism started as a new religion and it is not Islam. 
Wahhabism first created by the Western colonialists to achieve two important goals:
The destruction of Islam, and the establishment of a Zionist Jewish state in the heart of the Islamic world. 
These two objectives are the grand strategy of the racial Western colonialism in all its forms whether it was cultural, economical or political. 
This strategy had tactics with theoretical and practical steps to implement them. This was the most important step that is to establish a religious state in the Islamic world that claims to be Islamic, but in fact it is trying to destroy Islam.
Therefore, Western colonialists cooperated with Jewish Zionists for the establishment of this state promising the Jews Zionists to help them set up their great state from Nile river to the Euphrates. 
The Western colonialists recruited many people within the Muslim world through their Intelligence agencies to achieve such goals. So, in the late seventeenth century, the most two extremists that were chosen: Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab who was fond of those who pretend to be prophets. His brother, Suliman, the author of “Divine lightning in response to the Wahhabism” said in his book that Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab claimed to be a prophet.
The second is Mohammed Bin Saud. Researchers argued that he is a mugger or from a Jewish family of Khaybar. 
The first was chosen to be a religious man and the second to be a king, to establish a religious kingdom in the Islamic world, because they knew from history the religious states that depends on oppression, intellectual and physical killing last longer. 
Western racial colonialists succeeded in  establishing the Saudi state as a kingdom embracing the religion of Wahhabism, meaning that it appeared to be an Islamic state, but in fact, it embraced a new religion which is Wahhabism 
To establish this Saudi Wahhabi state, many people were killed; more than those who were killed in World War I, as it is proven in history. They used to kill and burn whole villages, as Wahhabism, as a new religion, believe that whoever refuse to believe, should be killed and robed.
Wahhabis think they are the only people of Monotheism, and the rest of the Muslims are polytheistic that can be fought, killed and robbed.
But this false belief that deceives the common people, Wahhabis has never thought about the Muslims’ good.
Have they ever responded to the colonial ambitions in Muslim countries? Were they worried about the western invasion of Muslim countries? What did they do to prevent the western colonial influence in the Muslim countries? The answer is no.
Those who study the heritage of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab and Wahhabi scientists after him will never find a heritage of justice, civilization, fighting poverty and ignorance, or even a scientific, economic and social progress. No peace and prosperity will even be found.
No doubt that Wahhabism since its appearance until today, is the most loyal servant of Western colonialism and the Zionist entity in the Muslim lands to plunder their wealth, to cause wars, and to destroy Islam. 
If they aim at destroying Islam, what more would they do to other religions? What about the people of other religions? The Wahhabis are the Mongols of this age; they will destroy humanity and civilization if they have a chance, as they are the enemies of humanity and development.

Islamic scholar and writer
Jamal Mahmoud al-Hashemi