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  • Thursday ,29 March 2012

A Solidarity campaign with Ahmed Fouad Negm

By-Michael Faris

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Tuesday ,27 March 2012

A Solidarity campaign with Ahmed Fouad Negm

"Civilized dialogue" website has launched an electronic signature campaign titled: "solidarity campaign with the poet Ahmed Fouad Negm to support freedoms of belief, opinion and creativity in Egypt".

Participants of the campaign should sign that they condemn restriction on the freedoms of belief, opinion, and creativity, and demand to cancel all laws that support such restrictions on the freedoms. 
The campaign started few days ago after the Egyptian Public Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud had received a report against Ahmed Fouad Negm from Ahmed Seif al-Islam Hamad, a lawyer and coordinator of “Human rights center to support the new Muslims”, accusing Negm of defamation of Islamic religion and incited the Armed Forces soldiers against the Commander in Chief. The Public Prosecutor raised the report to the Emergency State Security Supreme court.
The campaign also refused such coalition between the Supreme Council of Armed Forces and the religious parties against freedoms.