• 14:40
  • Monday ,26 March 2012

"Al-Hayat" rejects the founding committee of the constitution and considers it illegal

By-Emad Tomas

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Monday ,26 March 2012

" Al-Hayat " party has rejected the article no. 60 of the Constitutional Declaration, which left the mechanisms for selecting the members of the founding committee of the constitution vague, and allowed those in power to manipulate the mechanisms of choice according to their personal and ideological preferences.  

The party had refused to participate or submit any nominations since the announcement of how the founding committee is going to be selected as it lacks legitimacy.
The party warned all State authorities, especially the legislative and executive branches, of the continued erosion of the freedom of the citizen, ignore his demands, and think only about personal and partisan demands which will lead to another revolution which may not be a peaceful one.