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  • Thursday ,22 March 2012

The train moved... backwards!

Hanna el-Mokadis

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Thursday ,22 March 2012

The train moved... backwards!

 We waited long for “the train” of the People's Assembly and Shura Council to take us forward where prosperity is achieved, the law is respected, freedom of speech, non-discrimination, economic progress and equality of women and men. We waited for it to take us forward, but we found it stops for little paper work, and an MP forgot where he is and stood up calling for prayers! After that, the train has moved quickly... backwards! What is happening and where are we going?

After the decision of selecting 50 percent for the founding committee of the constitution from the Parliament, we have a difficult situation in which 45% of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis will represent 45% of that 50, adding to that around 40% of the other 50 from unions and other institutions and foundations. This means around 85% of the founding committee will be hardline Islamists and the rest (15%) will have no power, just a proof for a fake freedom. We should look closely at few things that are happening in Egypt:
Do you know the meaning of Heraba law that Islamists want to apply in Egypt?
This law calls for the application of Heraba, an Islamic penalty for criminal actions that include overt robbery, murder, forcible taking of property with a weapon and vandalizing public facilities which varies between killing and cutting the arms and legs.
Do you know the meaning of judiciary system being responding for pressures?
It means losing the prestige and independence which never leads to fairness.
Do you know the meaning of postponing the meeting of National Council for women?
It means clearly that women should stay at home and lose their jobs except cooking, and giving birth to children. It means they should keep silent even those MPs, they can only clap when necessary! The new National Council for Women is a dead fetus… this is what they want!
Do you know the meaning that a candidate for the presidency supports all what was done by Osma Bin Laden?
It means that the wrong has become right and the right has become wrong, everything is mixed and unclear. Those who killed Sadat have become heroes and those who fought in the war of 1973 have become ghosts.
You people who are staying in the last car of the train holding your peace, you will be the first victims of a rear collision.