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  • Tuesday ,20 March 2012

Of the greatest…

Sabry Fawzy Gawhara

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Tuesday ,20 March 2012

Of the greatest…

 Pope Shenouda III has departed and his soul has rested in heaven. Egypt is mourning for her great son. A widow grieving for her wise man, the Church turned out to be. Orphans have become the Copts, for their father and leader has departed. For forty years and during a very hard time of the recent history, he was the patriarch, but he bound up the bruises and comforted his children, making his church flourish all over the world; neither to glorify himself nor to make himself famous, but as he said, to obey God’s will and make His name always glorified by his children all over the world; east and west. He was a great teacher with great knowledge who taught many all over the world. He was responsible with vivid consciousness that no ruler could break his spirit, or sickness was to put him to bed, or to prevent him from sacrificing himself wisely with patience to strengthen the faith and spread courage and confidence. He was always looking for the everlasting kingdom within his people doing and saying.

He strongly defended the faith of his church until the end not caring for A fierce enemy or people pretending to be friends while trying to destroy the church. Many times did he try to unify the one holy catholic apostolic church as well as unifying his own people. Tyrants came to death when they tried to wrong him. His tears made fall the columns of evil. He was delighted upon seeing his children flocking to see him at the hospital abroad to check on his health, he used to bless and pray for them. In Egypt, people were longing to see him and pray for him to long live.
 I was so sad after I gave an opinion about his health condition upon his last visit to Cleveland as I knew he will die soon.
 "Blessed is Egypt My people" Said the Lord, and the life and work of His Holiness was a proof that God is fulfilling his promise. 
 Your Holiness, You have been of the greatest who sat on the throne of St. Mark. Congratulations on sitting at the right hand of God, on your everlasting throne.