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  • Monday ,19 March 2012

I am A Copt Part II

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,19 March 2012

I am A Copt Part II
Now having understood what the word Copt means we can understand that Copts United means Egyptians United does not by any mean means Christian Egyptians so the call it to unify the power of Egyptians regardless of religion or colours only ETHNIC EGYPTIANS which are called Copts. And if you recall on January 25 they were UNITED and forced a 30 years old Tiran out of his sit! Unity means force, do you recall the famous story of that old father of 3 sons who was about to die and gave his last lesson to his sons giving a peace of wood asking his younger son to break it that he easily did he then then he gave him 2 pieces and three until being the youngest and weakest could not break it so he asked him on his failure to pass it on to the elder son and kept adding pieces until the second and stronger than the youngest son could not break it so he finally asked him to pass on this pack of woods to his elder and strongest son and he almost succeeded to break it but soon he too was unable to break the pack as it got thicker and thicker then the father gave him sons his last lesson …. When you are not united you are like these broken woods easily broken up, you and you brothers are a family you need to be united like this pack of wood very hard to be broken in the unity there is always extreme force!!
Since Ever Unity is Force
We all learned this at school long time ago, we learned as well that enemies occupants who occupied our countries long long eras their main policy to keep the upper hand was to subdivide nations and create local conflicting policies to the neighbouring countries so fights in between them keep going and relief occupants from the stress of opposition demanding freedom this policy was well known in Egypt as –FAREK TASOD- in Arabic meaning divide to master!
Egyptians or better Copts United on the 25th of January there were no more than one united crowd with one united sound and one united demand –MOUBARAK step down…The world heard it no one could play deaf or pretend he did not hear this loud united voice! Then the ones that had to listen the most powerful institution in Egypt for over 60 years the country within the country that every one everywhere knows extremely well no way they would leave power for whatever reason without fight and fierce fight! They quickly took over their precautions to remain in power (or let us say remain in power as long as they can…cross your fingers brothers Copts) so those guys they have to give away preys, first was the ex-minister of interior affairs El Adly, then next prey was Jamal Mubarak the unofficial inheriting of Egypt’s thrown, finally Moubarak himself and a promise of protection of the revolution; but a question rises here: Protect the revolution from what and whom? They UNITED were strong enough to protect the whole country no one loves his country more than his poor own people who lived and died for it!
This institution that still in power and refuses to leave power never stopped from planning and creating secondary problems to postpone as long as possible their MUST GO moment! They successfully implemented the [Divide to Master] policy the people of Egypt and of 25 January 2011 become :
Revolutionist and within them A-Demolishers, B-Politicians, C-Loyal Citizens, D-Watchers or supporter from far far away!!
Counter Revolutionist who try to bring down all and any accomplishment
Muslim Brotherhood who for years fought in Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Libya and everywhere with one dream POWER and a Chair in power!
A more fanatic Muslim Brotherhood named Salafi!!!
Finally a majority of poor people who have obligations, families and living to establish for them and have to keep working to pay rents, food, schools clothes you name it!
Egypt divided is easier to control and divert in side events like burning a church! But why a church and not a mosque simply for 2 reasons:-
Minority that can easily controlled!
They do not want a real fight out of control that might end their powers as they know well Christians before Muslims will protect Mosques and be the first to defend them and the plot of a Civil War that will give a legal status to the Army to interfere imposing security and stability to the country will FAIL!!!!
We all know and seen no power on earth can stop an angry mob from prevailing that is why Hosny Mubarak had to step down his forces including the most powerful institution the Army would fail to stop angry mob of 25 January 2011; Just remember this Army is mainly your father, brother and son and some thieves, so sooner or later it’s power will be exposed and to their best interest to remain under cover under the illusion of being the most powerful institution!
I’m not calling for a riot, I do not want more Egyptian blood to be shed I wish what is already shed be honoured as martyrs and the reason for which they did die be accomplished! I just analyse my beloved country’s situation under a new un loyal political institution sold their souls for a chair in power, and to overpower that we need to be united as Egyptians again, we did it once when there was just the call for Egypt; Now in the divide to master policy a new element was introduced Religion playing on a very sentimental cord in the heart of every Egyptian and the only way to exclude this new element is UNITY! 
Having explained in my prior article the meaning of COPT or COPTS = EGYPTIANS I resume saying COPTS UNITED can not be a religious party it is just a party that gathers COPTS who might be Christians, Or Muslims, Or Jewish, Or even Atheists who happen to be COPTS=Egyptians!!!!!