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  • Wednesday ,14 March 2012

Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood visit the Evangelical Church in Heliopolis

B-Emad Tomas

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Wednesday ,14 March 2012

Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood visit the Evangelical Church in Heliopolis

A delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders has visited this morning the headquarters of the Evangelical Church in Heliopolis to repay the visit a senior delegation from the Evangelical Church had paid to the headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood at Mokattam.

Muslim Brotherhood delegation included: Dr. Muhammad Badie, head of the group, Mahdi Akef," the former leader, Dr. Mahmoud Ghazlan, spokesman of the group, and the journalist  Mohammed Abdul Koddous, leader of Freedoms Committee at Press Syndicate.
The delegation was received by Dr. Rev. Safwat Bayaadi, head of the Evangelical Church, Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki, vice chairman of the sect, Rev. Refaat Fekry, priest of the Evangelical Church, Ard  Sheriff, Shubra,  Rev. Suleiman Sadik, priest of the Evangelical Church at Faggala, and Dr. Rafiq Habib, in addition to  a number of church leaders.
Badie said the aim of the visit is to seek mutual understanding between citizens,  pointing out to the importance of unity between the people of one nation, and that the Egyptian people got rid of the tyrant who tried to separate Muslims and Christians. He also thanked Dr. Rafiq Habib for his role in the rapprochement with the Evangelical Church, and standing next to the Brotherhood at their hard times, stressing the need for having consensus on the second article of the constitution with referencing to Christian laws concerning the personal status.