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  • Tuesday ,13 March 2012

Stop this farce before Egypt gets burned and destroyed!

Sobhi Foad

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Tuesday ,13 March 2012

Stop this farce before Egypt gets burned and destroyed!

 It nauseated me to read this morning in the newspapers a story about one of the Islamic candidates for the presidency, which upon asking him about his platform and why should people vote for him, he answered saying that he had asked scientists and sheiks for setting a schedule for applying the Islamic law!

Such strange and weird announcement comes by this Salafist guy who became imposed on the Egyptian media. He says so while unemployment rate had exceeded 50 percent, the deficit in the general budget of the state has alarmingly increased, the rate of inflation has reached 200 percent, and the balance of foreign currency reduced to just about ten billions as tourists, Arab and foreign investors are escaping as well as billions of dollars are transferred out of Egypt after losing the confidence and stability.
This brilliant guy should have instead asked scientists, sheiks, and experts in Egypt and abroad to put an end to unemployment, housing, medication, transportation, spinsterhood, overpopulation and other problems of interest to the Egyptian citizen.
I expect from a guy who is racing to be the President to talk about a schedule to restore the security and safety, to flourish the tourism back, and boost production to reduce the imports. I can’t imagine him to turn a blind eye to every single problem of the Egyptians, as if everything is fine, and as if Egypt has been transferred to a paradise, by the great military leaders, no unemployment, no street children or corruption!
What kind of manipulation with people’s minds and feelings? For how long trading on Islam and religion will last? Those people are playing on the feelings of the simple Egyptian Muslims to convince them that applying the Islamic law is the magic key to solve all of their problems that they are patiently facing each single day, ignoring the reality and experience of many countries that applied such ideas: the Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza and others which prove exactly the opposite. It showed that mixing between religion and politics eventually leads to disasters!
Surprisingly, this Islamic candidate and others who trade on Islam and its teachings whose job is telling people what is halal and what is not, are the richest of Muslims like that one who has dozens of billions and is prepared by Military and Muslim Brotherhood to be the next Egyptian prime minister.  
Most of them live in dream like palaces, surrounded by great walls, security cameras and private security men. They ride the most expensive cars, and eat only in the most expensive restaurants, while millions of Egyptians are living in graves amongst the dead, homeless in the streets or even in tiny studio apartments, hardly having money or food for their families.
Frankly, what happens in Egypt since the departure of the former president till now is very similar to those comic plays that we used to write, direct, and play when we were little children to amuse the rest of the class or school. The only difference is we were innocent and pure as angels aiming at entertaining the others and making them happy, but they, I mean the military, security leaders and governors of Egypt now, are neither pure nor innocent. We can’t assume their good intentions upon choosing certain figures to distract the public opinion, or make people busy with trivial issues, and leading them into conflicts with each others, exactly like what Mubarak and Saldat used to do, however the youth of January 25th revolution has sacrificed their souls to put an end to such absurdity and to build a new civilized homeland that respects human rights, value work and production, and respects individual rights and freedom of worship.
Unfortunately, military insists on continuing in such sarcastic play in which they gave the title role to members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafies from the ministry of interiors, ending up with a fake president who can do nothing, or ask them to give an account for their crimes and mistakes, and is not hostile to the extremist Islamic movement at the same time; obeying the orders from the US, and transferring Egypt by them to another Sudan or Somalia.
Finally, I can say no more when talk is useless and writing about the situation in Egypt changes nothing, I only want to send an SMS to the Marshal Tantawi, general Anan and the other leaders of the Egyptian army:
Please, stop this farce, before Egypt is burned or completely destroyed… before millions of children die of hunger and thirst... Save your country and your people…Learn from what happened to the former President, Mubarak and the rulers of Libya, Yemen, Tunisia and Iraq, do what is right for your country and yourselves as well.