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  • Thursday ,08 March 2012

Egyptian women between discrimination, and persecution of male and community

Safwat yassa Samaan

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Thursday ,08 March 2012

Egyptian women between discrimination, and persecution of male and community

 No creature has suffered from discrimination since the beginning like woman, since she was created from the ribs of Adam, according to what’s mentioned in the religious books, and till now, the Egyptian woman is very neglected. Having many children, especially males, is more important than who she is! When she is famous, she is mainly a bitch or a slut. Thus, woman became a symbol for discrimination!

 Human thought wronged women in each era, and even in many religions, The length of clothes has become a measure for her faith. Consequently, many women are convinced that they are imperfect creatures and not eligible. Moreover, some of them tolerated or even enjoyed this discrimination.
 In a governorate of Upper Egypt, I found more than 42 association related to women and their development, but they are actually not, they are against the idea of the emancipation of women, but one of its pioneers said “we accept to surrender to men, they are our protectors and maintainers, it is his right to marry as much women as he wants providing that he spend on them”. This made an activist from Cairo says, “If you were in Cairo to say so in an association of women, you would get shot! How come you're participating in the Women's Development Association and you think that the role of women is to get spent on!”
Many times did we see an Egyptian woman going out after work, carrying very heavy bags, exhausted and suffering from deformation of her body for giving birth for many times. She wakes up early before her husband and children do, prepare their breakfast, and help them get clothed, then she goes to work where she takes care of her duties, gets exhausted in the tiring public transportation, wear some kind of overall made from bad materials, goes shopping and carries what she needs, and then it’s cooking time, then washing the dishes, and ironing them. Afterwards, comes the time to study with their kids, then the dinner….etc.
That’s why Egyptian women get old at the age of forty, thanks to all this pain and pressure, while the European woman keeps her beauty and fitness till the age of 70. 
 Many Egyptian women are missing a tender touch and good words from their selfish husbands, He doesn’t mind replacing her with another young and sexy woman to please him instead of that one who became aged because of that many pressures of community and religion. 
 Egyptian women do suffer from discrimination and slavery. In addition to having to satisfy the husband at night, or else angels are going to curse her... I think angels are only going to curse that selfish husband who treats his wife as a slave and thinks he is the great master!
 Is there a call to rescue the Egyptian woman from all of this? Shall we not rely on that women's associations which in many cases works against the woman herself? Can we hope that she will not be attacked by men under authoritarian religious ideas that minimize the role of women and hide her identity, and limit her role to serving man and pleasing him.
May God help you, O women of Egypt. As after you give birth and rise up children till they graduate, your male children practice the same behaviors against their sister, wife and daughter! 
I remember Egyptian women like Hoda Shaarawi and the women of the next ages until the seventies of the last century when the Egyptian woman was a models for beauty, elegance, as well as mental, social and scientific power...!!