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  • Thursday ,08 March 2012

Signature campaign claiming election by the national number

By-Michael Faris

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Thursday ,08 March 2012

Signature campaign claiming election by the national number

Many Egyptians abroad have sent requests to Farouk Sultan, head of the supreme committee for the presidential elections of Egypt, Mohamed Saad el-Katatni, head of the People's Assembly, Kamal el-Ganzouri, the Prime Minister, Mohammed Kamel Amr, Foreign Minister, and Mohammed Ibrahim, Interiors Minister; to approve on getting registered in the presidential elections only by the national number, without requiring the card. In their demand, they pointed out that many of them have a new passport or a mechanized birth certificate, by which they can get their national number without issuing the ID cards, and asked for allowing them to issue the mechanized birth certificates from embassies and consulates, and checking the national ID service may start at least a week before the end of the registration period, as well as sending committees to issue national ID card at once, as well as allowing those who got their national ID card to register immediately in the presidential elections, and to establish a permanent office in every embassy to extract the important mechanized documents  such as the new Egyptian passport, national ID card, and the mechanized birth certificate.