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  • Sunday ,29 November 2009

Thanks giving's day


Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,29 November 2009

Thanks giving's day

 The last Thursday of November we celebrate Thanks giving's day, We eat Turkey and all of these goodies and call it a feast, Why this day , I woke up this morning, That is something to celebrate, A lot of people did not, Thank you Lord, Here I go I washed my face and got dressed and out I go, Thank you Lord not too many people can do this , Well I turned my car on, Heck yes , Thank you Lord not many have cars and still waiting for public transportation in this cold, I arrived at my job safely , Oh yes Thank you Lord, So many don't have a job and so mamy did not make it safely to their job, Here comes my lunch time, Oh yes , Thank you Lord I am able to pay for my lunch and oh yes I even ordered a dessert, So many could'nt, I am back to my office safely, Yes,Thank you Lord I did, So many others did not, Well I finished my day of work, Thank you Lord , So many did not, Here I come back safely home, YES YES YES, I did it , some body else did not, Here is my wife and kids are waiting for me, Thank you Lord every body is OK, I wrote this comment with one eye, since I had another operation in my right eye yesterday, Well yes thank you Lord, I still have another one working, Some people don't have any.

I felt like praying loudly THANK YOU LORD, YES YES YES I did it no body stoned my house or burned it, So many could not.