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  • Sunday ,22 November 2009

Bedouin killed in Sinai clash


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Saturday ,21 November 2009

Bedouin killed in Sinai clash
ABEDOUIN tribesman in north- ern Sinai was shot dead yester- day in fighting with police, a security source said.After the shooting, tribesmen seized two policemen, one of whom was still being held, the source told Reuters. Ubaid al-Jabbar Zaidan was killed 
after bedouin surrounded a police patrol returning from the village of Baloutha, 30 miles east of the Suez Canal, where police had arrested several men on felony charges, the source said.Dozens of bedouin began throwing stones at police in an attempt to free the men when shooting broke out, the source added.A member of Parliament for the area, Radwan Sarhan, said that a man and a woman were injured in the fighting.