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  • Sunday ,05 June 2011

Let them go


Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,05 June 2011

Let them go
I would like to comment on the issue of us Christians putting ourselves and the church in conflict with the Salafis and the Islamists specifically re: Christian women who convert and leave the church. I\'d like to start by saying that we ought to defend and protect our people from the wolves out there, but if a Copt decides to convert, I do believe they do not deserve the protection and our attempts to convince them to stay true to their Coptic faith. If they have betrayed our faith and our history, then we ought to leave them to go and save our blood and that of the church. I can\'t recall the last case of Iman, I think that was her name, where it ended, but this was an example of her converting to avoid marital abuse. In my opinion she does not deserve the protection and support of the church, just let her go, they are losing all the way. I\'m sorry but that is how I feel about it.