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  • Sunday ,03 April 2011

Secular Freedom


Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,03 April 2011

Secular Freedom

EGYPT IS BLEEDING, MY FRIENDS...We are extremely concerned with the high potential of Islamic Sharia Law being enforced in the new governing authority of egypt. All christians & moderate muslims alike will suffer the consequences of their freedoms taken away, if they don't unite and oppose these un-democratic and inhumane policies being promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood. All women must be covered in burqua's or else face public flogging, if anyone steal's then their hand / foot is cut off, if a women commits a adultery she is buried neck high then stoned to death, if a non-muslim man is found guilty of having an affair with a muslim women, then his ear is cut off. Such practices are un-civilised in this 23rd Century. It's time for everyone to oppose Islamic Sharia Law, before it is too late...Egypt must be a Secular Democratic Nation, that respects the equal rights of christians as their muslim counterparts in all parts of life.We continaully Pray for Peace and God's Protection of Egypt and all its Citizens.