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  • Thursday ,13 January 2011

Ya, we know the real killer

Dr. Naguib Gibraeel



Thursday ,13 January 2011

Ya, we know the real killer

The security services, at all levels, exert great efforts in order to reach the actual perpetrators of the bombings of the two Saints Church in Alexandria, and by the previous efforts exerted in order to reach the killers of Martyrs of el-Kosheh, Nag' Hamady,  el-Omraniah, Sa'nabo, Di'routt, el- Bagour, Moharram Bey, Qena and Marsa Matrouh, to reach the offenders behind the disappearance of minor Christian girls and to identify the perpetrators behind the Islamization of Christian minors under the age of maturity that was stipulated in the Egyptian constitution, namely the age of "Twenty-one years old".

And also, the efforts of the security to determine who was behind the forcefully migration of Christian families in the village of Hegaza and some villages in Minya el-Qameh and some centers in Meit Ghamr and also to reach  the offender who attacked the Church in el-Omraniah when  appeared landmarks of a Church dome and also to reach the perpetrators when  three thousand extremist attacked and destroyed the house where some Christians were praying in Ain Shams and to reach the perpetrators who decreed the fatwa for the no congratulation and no participation with the Christians in their festivities, as this is a type of polytheism and disbelief.
And the one who decreed formally a Fatwa that a Muslim who donates to build a church is as the one who donates to build a Casino for gambling, a place for breeding cats, dogs, pigs and for drinking Alcohol.  
To reach the perpetrators among those who also announced in his book, published by the Ministry of Endowment, to shed the blood of the Copts and their money, as allowed for them.
To identify the perpetrators who also accused the church to store weapons and ammunition, that came through a ship coming from Israel and the Coptic Church is in the heart of Israel and the Pope empowers America, to create a state within the state of Egypt.
To reach the perpetrators who also described the Bible as verbal book and those who supported the Islamisation of the historical and archeological squares and the streets of Egypt.  
To identify the perpetrators who did not issue court rulings for the rights of humans to embrace  the faith he wishes and considered that as an apostate, although it is said that we are ruled in  civil state.  
And the one who insisted on the existence of Article II of the Constitution of Egypt, thereby rejecting that Egypt should be a civil state.
To reach the perpetrators who summed up the era of the  Coptic history, that more than two thousand years of time, reduced it to a few sheets in the history books, insisting that the Coptic history is only when  Amr ibn al-Aas, the Muslim Calip invaded Egypt, and the Patriarch Benjamin trusted him on his monasteries and churches. 
And the one who insisted until now on the non-appoint ment of a Coptic President of any University in Egypt. 
And the one who insisted on not to let a Christian professor be appointed in any of the gynecological department in any faculty of medicine in Egypt. 
To reach of offenders who fail, so far, to issue the unified code for building places for worship.
To reach the perpetrators who are still harassing those who did not converted to Islam and preventing them from traveling abroad. 
The one who blasphemes Christians in books, on the pages of newspapers and on the television screens, and was not brought to trial so far, despite filling many policed reports against him. 
The one who declined to the appointment of one Christian member in the State Security Intelligence or a Christian officer in the general intelligence or the national security. 
And find out the perpetrators who changed the Orman Secondary school for girls in Doqi to the school of Taliban when the school directress insisted on saluting the flag preceded by a greeting of Islam, "and this is officially recorded" and to take note of the green flag of Saudi Arabia and next to the flag of Egypt, for us all as our symbol. 
To reach  the perpetrators, who insisted on forcing the young students whose father converted into Islam, to pass Islamic religion school subject final exam. 
To reach the offenders who have violated the Constitution and the law and insisted on doing so, despite the existence of a law regulating custody care until the age of fifteen years of age, sentences were given for taking custody of young children who have not completed the age of the custody from their Christian mothers to live with their father's wife who is a stranger to them, while their mothers are alive. 
To reach the offender who accepted a court lawsuit filed  by a lawyer describing the Christians as drinkers of Alcohol and eaters pork meat,  and treading the Churches and monasteries is an act of sin, and should not be  permissible for a Christian child whose father converted into Islam and  became Muslim child, to get used to it.  
To reach the perpetrator  who interviewed foreigners who converted into Islam, describing them as guided to the religion of truth and reason as if they were, versus to the concept of the Christian religion following the  religion of immorality, and that happened  when they were interviewed in a satellite channel program for a person claiming to be a priest from the Vatican, converted into Islam, having a smile filling the faces o the interviewers and the announcers about how to convert into  Islam and what is the psychological condition of him after that with big smiles filling the atmosphere of the interview. 
To reach the real culprit who murdered the dreams of the young Coptic and their right to exercise their political life, the ruling party to let the nomination only for not more than the fingers of the one hand, of the Copts in the late parliamentary elections and the success of less than the number of fingers of one hand and to provoke the feelings of Copts in 
The success of the one suspected as behind the murders of Copts at the night of the Christmas Eve in "Nagi' Hammadi" and to appoint the one who go versus to the rights of the Copts for a real citizenship, as a member of the peoples' assembly.  
And interviewing those who attack the Copts in the official and the governmental TV channels. 
To reach  the offender to force Christian students in the schools of el-Beheira governorate, to draw the Ka'aba," the Prophet's grave in Mecca",  and the pilgrimage trend and the clothes of pilgrimage and the writing the words " to mean ready before death to meet with Allah", in the painting school year term exam. 
After what I said, is still the security services and regulatory bureaus  still searching the streets,  the alleys and the squares for the real perpetrators,the killers of the martyrs of Alexandria or  Nagi' Hammadi or el-Koshah or Dirout or Sa'nabo or Khan'ka or el-Zawia el Hammra or el-Bagour or al-Minya. 
It is here to remind the reader, and I remind the police officers that all of us have studied a lesson in the principles of the Penal Code in the second year of law school and an important legal principle, a negatively murder who by neglecting, for example, someone who sees a man about to drown and refrain from helping him, despite his skills in swimming, it is to consider him  guilty of a crime with premeditated murder as murdering a victim with a firearm or a knife. 
Perhaps the vocabulary used, and after that,  is the security still looking for the real killer and the principal perpetrator, the partner and the contributor, the instigator of all those who was found in the crime scene and on the stage of slaughtering the Christians and the national unity!! 
To contribute to this growing climate of enmity to the Copts, then they say, "Where the explosive belt is and where is the bombed car and what the foreign fingers behind that is?" 
I say, with boldness, that the car that was booby-trapped is the Egyptian government making, and the one who committed the crime is the Egyptian government, and even if a foreign hand was found in it, who have helped the fertile soil for them?
I have provided evidences and proofs, but I wish I have a challenge to come with proofs  reversing what I have, but I hope for someone to deny my proofs publicly about what I have formerly mentioned ...... 
 Perhaps the government wake up from that nap and wipe its eyes to see the truth, because what It did would not be only against Christians,  but will come over the fertile and the barren!! 
But, as I used to and as I am accustomed to, can not cry over spilled milk, but by the serious observation, I put general guidelines from the reality of being an  Egyptian citizen I love to my country what I love to myself, I participate with this modest agenda representing the following solutions: - 
1. Activating citizenship will be only through the civil state.
1- An immediate Pass to a law named "the law for banning discrimination in jobs and in all the important state's dealings, including the private sector on the basis of religion."
3. Immediately to omit the religion item from the national number ID card.
2- Freeing the citizen who will to be dedicated to whatever beliefs he wishes, by activating Article 46 of the Constitution of Egypt which guarantees the freedom of faith.
3- Passing the unified law for building places of worship.
4- Passing a law to combat sectarian violence.
5- A comprehensive review and the complete purification of the school curricula and in particular the Arabic language books and history books, and to provide adequate space for the Coptic history and the Coptic culture.
8. To re-examine the official map of media, and to give an appropriate space for the Coptic culture as appropriate to the Copts as part of the Egyptian civilization.
6- Issuing books for the commonest of values and virtues, and inter-religious achievements of both the Copts and the Muslims, together to highlight the positive models of the acceptance of the others and the religious pluralism in particular.
10 - The dire need to present before court the one who denigrate any religion or to hate its symbols to an immediate criminal trial. 
10. The establishment of specialized courts on behalf of sectarian violence and denigration of religions, with an amendment to the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure in this regard.
7- Immediate declaring, not covering up, for each young Christian girl converting into Islam, to know if she did so willingly  or not, provided that this is to be done away from security surveillance.
8- To stop prosecuting any one who converts from Islam with security regulations and prevent them from traveling abroad.
9- Not to allow conversion into Islam or Christianity, except for those who reached the age of legal maturity, twenty-one years of age.
10- Not to prohibit the appointment of any Copt in any of the sensitive positions in the state on the basis of religion and to reveal the secrets behind that, why not this to be done!
The State should provide a climate that encourages the success of the Copts in the political and the parliamentary life and this role lies on all political parties.
17 – To omit any religious slogans referring to any religion from all the governmental institutions and bureaus, as well as all the official papers, the court rulings must be issued in the name of the people according to the Procedures Act of Egypt. 
18 – The activation and the application of the principle of citizenship so it must be a Holiday, the day of the Christian Easter, as well as the Coptic martyrs day as it happens in the birth of Prophet Mohammed and al-Fitr and al-Adha Birums, the Islamic New Higri Year that this is not such as the Religious significance, but a such an equality as the basis of citizenship and also from such empathy to the sons of the one homeland. 
Dr. Naguib Ginbraeel.
President of the," Egyptian Union". Organization for Human Rights.