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  • Sunday ,12 December 2010

Where are you my Moslim Friends?


Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,12 December 2010

Where are you my Moslim Friends?

I am deeply sad about the late unthinkable events tha is taking place in the great country of Egypt where I was born. I grew up with great Moslim friends that respect my Christian Relgion as I respected their Moslim Religion. I loved them from my heart and I believe that they also did.

When I hear about the injustice and prosecution of christan that is currenly taking place in Egypt, I can not visualize the enormous change that happened in Egypt and took the country back 100 years. All the pain required to build a church. Come and see how many msoques all over Canada where I live. Do any of the authorities here, including federal, provincial or municipal put any barriers against building a place for worship, whatever the religion is. They know the value of human rights  human dignity, equality and freedom.
My dear Moslim friends whom I loved during my young days, time for you to speak the truth and raise your voices in support of modern, free and just EGYPT. Bring me back my old pride in my country.