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  • Thursday ,24 December 2020

Is it a dream or nightmare?

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Thursday ,24 December 2020

Is it a dream or nightmare?

 After the tragedy of the events of the disaster of the Lady of Karm village in Minya, I found myself remembering more than 30 years spent abroad before I decided to return home. I choose to live in Minya governorate and built a house and took a loan to start a project in my new city.

One day, there was a rumor about a romantic relationship between a Muslim woman and a Christian man working for me. The rumor spread and thousands of people gathered  after Friday prayers holding white weapon. Soon, they attacked my house and project and set them on fire spreading fear in the heart of my family who were lucky to find a hiding place. I called police to save me, but nothing happened before the mobs destroyed my property.
I was moved to a simple hospital for treatment after the attack. Police asked me about what happened, and videos showing the perpetrators were taken the surveillance cameras to identify their faces and arrest them without describing the attack as sectarian. Senior officials in the city and the leading clergy obliged me to wavier my rights and accept a customary reconciliation session in order to save the national unity and avoid more violence in the neighborhood.
I lost everything and my family are suffering though we did nothing wrong. I lost my mind and started shouting: what happened? Are we really suffering in Egypt? Is it a dream or nightmare?