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  • Wednesday ,23 December 2020

Naming street after church martyrs

by Ashraf Helmy

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Wednesday ,23 December 2020

Naming street after church martyrs

 For 9 years, the church of the Saints Mark the Apostle and Pope Boutros in Sidi Bishr neighborhood of Alexandria celebrated the martyrdom of its martyrs  who were martyred on the evening of New Year s Eve ten years ago as a result of the terrorist bombing attack. However, this year the celebration was canceled due to the spread of Corona virus. Only families of the martyrs will be allowed to attend the Divine Liturgy held to celebrate the annual anniversary at St. Mina monastery in King Mariout on December 31.

The attack on the church has shocked the people all over the world who saw the attack, and therefore, many people called to change the name of the street in which the church is located to bear the name of the martyrs. This call that was approved by the local administrative council and raised to the governor, who just ignored the decision.
I think it is not yet too late to change the name of the street on their tenth anniversary. I hope he does in order to honor those martyrs and condolence their families.