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  • Wednesday ,16 December 2020

Is it free normalization?

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Wednesday ,16 December 2020

Is it free normalization?

 Those who refuse  normalizing relations with Israel take it from a narrow ideological standpoint and raise humanitarian slogans as a cover for their narrow racist ideologies. Their slogans of humanity and political pragmatism, but their words assure such normalization agreement was given for free by the Arab countries.

They say this because they see normalization from an ideological, Arab nationalist perspective and not from a local national perspective. They evaluate matters according to a fictitious Arab interest and not from a humanitarian, national, or political, pragmatic perspective. So is the Moroccan, Gulf and Sudanese normalization with Israel really came for free?
We will answer this question by identifying what these countries have obtained immediately including economic, scientific, technological and cultural benefits.
Morocco obtained America s recognition of its sovereignty over the Western Sahara, which is a precious and valuable recognition that strengthens Morocco s position before the international institutions in that account. This recognition also represents a slap in the face of the Algerian regime, which supports the Polisario Front in the face of the Moroccan regime. The United States removed Sudan from the list of states supporting terrorism. This means Sudan s return to cooperation with international economic institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, especially with the deterioration of the Sudanese economic situation. The Gulf countries found a strong ally against Qatar, Turkey and Iran (the axis of the Muslim Brotherhood). Perhaps Trump s approval to supply the advanced F-35 aircraft to the UAE at a time when future purchases were banned by the United States to Turkey. It is clear that it is not a free normalization!