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  • Wednesday ,16 December 2020

Egypt maintains membership of UN Peacebuilding Commission


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Wednesday ,16 December 2020

Egypt maintains membership of UN Peacebuilding Commission

 Egypt has maintained its position as a member at the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) for 2021/2022 after it received 170 votes in polls held by the UN General Assembly on Monday.

The PBC, consisting of 31 member states, is concerned with backing peace efforts in conflict-affected areas worldwide.
“Egypt’s re-election as a member of the intergovernmental advisory body with the largest number of votes affirms the country’s leading peacebuilding role,” said Mohamed Edris, Egypt’s permanent representative to the UN.
It also reflects the international community’s trust in Egypt’s capability of providing further contributions in this field, he added.
Edris said Egypt had an effective role in the formation of the peacebuilding structure, including the commission, in 2005, and has enjoyed since then an almost permanent membership in the PBC.
He referred to Egypt’s peacebuilding efforts worldwide, especially in Africa, and its position in 2016/2017 as the coordinator of the advisory role of the PBC to the security council. The country also chaired the UN Group of 77 and China in 2018.
Egypt also chaired the African Union in 2019. Representatives of both Egypt and Romania were also elected as the PBC’s vice-chairs for 2019.