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  • Tuesday ,15 December 2020

The martyr of Wardian in Alexandria

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Tuesday ,15 December 2020

The martyr of Wardian in Alexandria
Yesterday, the Church of St. Damiana in Wardian in Alexandria lost a man called Ramses Poulos. He was not a victim of the Corona epidemic, but a martyr of hatred. In fact, he was slaughtered in broad daylight and on the roadside in front of his neighbors.
I knew this man when I was appointed to serve in his church in the nineties. Therefore, I was surprised at the killing of Ramses and the attempt to kill his brothers at their shop and because of their religious identity, as part of a repeated collective assault on Copts because their are weak and different.
His life had been condensed by the killers and his blood was shed for reasons that there is no room here to discuss. We should resort to the authorities that quickly grant licenses for the madmen in order to advise them not to specialize only and exclusively in targeting the Coptic citizens, because they have turned the right and left cheek!