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  • Thursday ,10 December 2020

Hand-made carpets with handicap

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Thursday ,10 December 2020

Hand-made carpets with handicap

 Despite his handicap that prevents him from moving and working properly, he works hard on the hand-loom to make handmade carpets that reflects his talent and effort. Mahmoud Islam is a  20-year-old who was born with brain paralysis that affected the nerves of his hands and legs as well as his tongue. However, you barely feel such handicap when he starts working on his hand-loom for many hours each day.

Once, Mahmoud  received a piece of advice to find a job and life. Soon, he found hope and profession. It was not easy in the beginning, but now he knows the way.
Mahmoud had also worked very hard to get educated and obtain a diploma in industrial development. Now, he announced that he will teach women in his village how to work on the hand-loom as well.