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  • Monday ,07 December 2020

No Woman in Kuwaits Parliament

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,07 December 2020

No Woman in Kuwaits Parliament

It seems that women are not welcomed in Kuwaits Parliament after the election resulted in no success for any woman to be represented in the parliament. 

Arab countries failed once again to represent all sectors of society in the parliament which opened the possibility for thinking about different ways to have women in most if not all sectors in the country. 
One of these ideas is to devote a quota to women in the parliament and previously this idea has been discussed in Egypt to guarantee fair representation to Coptic in the parliament, however, the parliament didnt pass this idea until this moment. 
In my opinion devoting a quota to such minor groups might be very important at least until society gets used to seeing these groups represented and without that it might be hard to see all groups represented in the parliament.