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  • Wednesday ,25 November 2020

Film Sixteen

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Wednesday ,25 November 2020

Film Sixteen

 The Egyptian short fictional film “Sixteen” has made several achievements for Egypt, which also bears the name “I am afraid to forget your face”.

It has won the top prize at the Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival, becoming the first Egyptian film to win the coveted award. It also did the same three weeks ago at the Moscow Festival, and seized the best film and became eligible on April 25.
Next to strongly nominate the Oscar for Best Foreign Short Film, to put Egypt for the first time also on the Oscars map, after twenty-five participation over the course of nearly sixty years, we did not even get a mention. The names of our films were repeated a lot in the festival without a real coronation, even the Youssef Shahine Award in 1997 was in the festival s golden jubilee, and was reaped for the entirety of his work on the occasion of the festival s fifties.