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  • Friday ,20 November 2020

My father and the Brotherhood

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Friday ,20 November 2020

My father and the Brotherhood

 Although my parents refused to allow me to join the Muslim Brotherhood group, my father used to deal with the matter rationally and calmly. I was surprised by his his cool reaction until I knew the reason, as he knew I was going to leave this group sooner or later. 

At the time my mother was trying to force me to move away from them in a violent confrontational way, even by preventing me from leaving the house, which I didn’t like at all.
My father used to resort to persuasion by convincing me about the bad morals of leaders of the group, showing me that they are a group of hypocrites who use youth as fuel and tools to achieve their personal interests.
Once, I was arguing with my mom when she asked him to intervene, but he said I know he will leave them sooner or later, but I hope he will be sound and safe when he does. 
I didn’t expect so, but my father was right and I left them knowing they are just a group of religion traders who don’t care about Islam or the homeland. May God have mercy on my father. It seems that he knew about me more than I knew about myself