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  • Monday ,02 November 2020

Blood-stained hatred

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Friday ,30 October 2020

Blood-stained hatred

 Yes, we are similar, but we still carry many aspects of difference, and in this difference there should be integration and life. Reason and religion agreed to accept such difference. God, the Creator of all, wanted this diversity for us in a way that would benefit humanity. It is a self-evident matter from which human beings must benefit just as the body benefits from its various organs. The different parts of the body complement each other to perform basic functions for a person s life. But when the human mind becomes full of hatred, it begins to lose contact with its reason and God, the creator of his soul. Here, man becomes able to kill and slaughter in cold blood. Perhaps, he no longer sees a means for dialogue and begins a journey to death, realizing that it will put an end to his miserable life, with no hope to be accepted in his society or no hope in life.

This blood-stained hatred is no longer the preserve of primitive and backward societies. Rather, it has reached one of the most important and prestigious European countries, France, which bears the slogan “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity " and unfortunately transformed into equality in the use of violence and freedom to kill other humans.
When ignorance, intolerance and rejection of the other spread, a person sees nothing but himself and is filled with hatred for everything that is different. Here, people give up the divine intention of human diversity. Soon, they lose rationality and spiritual relationship with God. The increasing hatred turns into fire that destroys everything and a destruction that does not exclude himself and everything he loves.
Human beings must return to accepting their differences and searching for what unites them in humanity. Although there are great differences between the inhabitants of the countries of East and West, the attempt to understand each side and lay the foundations for mutual respect, in a way that does not harm the freedom of either side and respects their differences, is certainly the starting point for solving this bloody dilemma.