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  • Wednesday ,28 October 2020

Personal Status Law agreed upon finally

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Wednesday ,28 October 2020

Personal Status Law agreed upon finally
Last Thursday, the representatives of the Orthodox, Evangelical and Catholic Churches have submitted the Egyptian Personal Status Family Law in its final form that was agreed upon by all churches, which was submitted to the cabinet. The law is to be applied on all Egyptians, with specific articles for each church, which reflects Article Three of the Constitution that states: The principles of the canons of Egyptians, both Christians and Jews, are the main source of legislation governing concerning their personal status, religious affairs and choosing their spiritual leaders.
We hope that the draft will be passed by the Parliament to fulfill the legislative requirement of the Constitution through a law that governs family and personal status affairs of all Christians, and which would be the basis for Egyptian court rulings in family cases. We hope that this law would settle a long, complicated legacy relating to unresolved family and personal status affairs of Christians, including issues of inheritance, that have gone on for decades on end. We also hope that this law alleviates current and future Christian family difficulties.
I have written previously about the file of the personal status of Christians and looking forward to achieving the constitutional entitlement in this regard. For years, I have wondered about its delay, but now I am happy that the law will be referred to Parliament followed hopefully by approval to solve many waiting cases of Egyptian families.