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  • Friday ,09 October 2020

Mental Health

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,10 October 2020

Mental Health

The most disease hit people right now is not Covi10 but the stress and depression that people face right now from losing Jobs or being locked for a long time with no hope on the site to finish.

Many companies around the world started already to increase their budget to support their employees to face stress, depression and isolation. 
While all over the world doing this, we have not heard anything about what private companies did for their employees to face such challenges.
Last week was the Mental health week around the world and Egypt needs to issue a new law to be imposed on the private sector to provide mental health support to employees across Egypt. 
Mental health is an important factor because it affects employee productivity and they are willing to improve their work and without taking care of such issues, companies might lose money because their employee will be lacking the desire to do their work.