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  • Thursday ,08 October 2020

Saint Maurice and the Theban Legion

by-Samia Ayyad

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Thursday ,08 October 2020

Saint Maurice and the Theban Legion

 His leadership of a military battalion did not prevent him from declaring his faith courageously before the emperor of the West. He was not intimidate by Machines of torture and killing, but encouraged his soldiers to stand steady and adhere to their faith in God till they obtained the crown of martyrdom

HG Anba Serbion, Archbishop of Los Angeles, in his article    Saint Maurice   , told us about the great saint who was born in Luxor to a Christian family that was walking in the fear of God, and so did the saint.
He joined the Roman army and became the commander of a battalion that numbered 6,660 soldiers, all from Thebes, so it was known as the    Theban Legion    and all of them were Christians.
He was sent to conduct a mission in the West, but the Emperor ordered him and the legion to pray to their idols and offer incense before them. He refused and so did the soldiers. They were tortured and killed through Northern Italy in the south, passing through Switzerland, until southern Germany in the north, and their martyrdom accompanied many miracles, which led to the faith of many, while saint Maurice and the rest of his soldiers were martyred near the Swiss city of Lausanne.
In the place of the martyrdom of the saint, a church was built in his name in the fourth century, next to which a large monastery was established and a large celebration is held for him annually.